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Dr. Ross Speck is a psychoanalyst with a strong interest in sociology and anthropology. He has done research in family therapy of schizophrenia, drugs, depression, and adolescents. A Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Ross Speck has taught residents, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.

Dr. Speck was one of the "first generation" of family therapists and a founder of the Family Institute of Philadelphia. In addition, he am the originator of NetWork Therapy. He is a fellow of A.P.A., A.A.M.F.T., the Royal College of Psychiatry in London, and F.S.P.P.


Education 1951, M.D., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 7 year Pre-Med and Medical Program.

Professional Positions


Part-time Core Professor Arts and Sciences; Professional Psychology-Union Institute University, Graduate Faculty, Cincinnati, Ohio


Full-time Core Professor as above, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio

Part-time Core Professor-The Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, (later renamed The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio)


Part-time Clinical Professor ofPsychiatry, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


Part-time Research Psychiatrist, Philadelphia Psychiatrie Center


Principal Investigator, NIMH Grant: Psychosocial Networks of Young Drug Users ($250,000 Grant)


Clinical Director, Family Mental Health Clinic, Jewish Family Service of New York City


Director, Department of Social Psychiatry Hahnemann Medical College


Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, PA


Part-time Private Practice ofPsychiatry and Psychoanalysis, Philadelphia, PA


Clinical Director, Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatrie Institute, Philadelphia, PA


Captain, MC, US Army, Brooke Army Hospital San Antonio, Texas. Chief Psychiatrist Out Patient Dept., Child Guidance Clinic and Medical Hospital Psychiatrie Consultant.


Senior Clinical Instructor, NeuroPsychiatrie Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

1954- 1955

Co-Chief Resident in Psychiatry, Philadelphia General Hospital


Resident Psychiatrist, Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY


Medical and Surgical Intern, Albany Medical Center and College, Albany, NY

Professional Certifications or Licenses


Pennsylvania State License (Not Renewed)
American Psychiatrie Association, Life Fellow
New Jersey State Licensure (Not Renewed)
National Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis
Member Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Society
Certification by American Board of Mental Hospital Administrators
Certification by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
New York State License in Medicine and Surgery (Not Renewed in October, 2002).
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada

Professional Associations


International Society for Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia, Member
American Psychiatrie Association, Life Fellow
American Psychoanalytic Association, Associate Member
World Federation for Mental Health, Member
American Association ofMarriage and Family Therapy, Fellow
Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, Foundation Fellow
American Society ofPsychoanalytic Physician, Fellow
British Association for Social Psychiatry, Member
American Orthopsychiatric Association, Fellow
Family Institute of Philadelphia, Founder Member

Community, Civic and Professional Services



Journal of Fami1y Psychotherapy, Editorial Board
Journal of Psychotherapy and the Family, Editorial Board
International Journal of Family Psychiatry, Consulting Editor
Family Institute of Los Angeles, Board Member
Family Process, Editorial Board
Report to the Joint Commission on Mental Health of Children to the U.S.Congress, Literature Review for Research Department of Jewish Family Service of New York City
Philadelphia Psychiatrie Society, Secretary-Treasurer
Philadelphia Psychiatrie Association, Councillor

Awards and Recognitions


Distinguished Life Fellow, Elected by the American Psychiatric Association, Washington, D.C.


Award for Lifetime Contributions and Dedication to the Field ofFamily Therapy, The Department ofPsychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Camden, New Jersey


Honor as a Founder of the Family Institute of Philadelphia


Honorary Professorship, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


Nominated for the Earl D. Bond Award by the Mental Health Association of Southeastem Pennsylvania


Certificate of Achievement and Letter of Appreciation from Commanding Generals, Brooke Army Hospital, San Antonio, Texas


Scholarship of Discovery

From 1962 until the present, much of my research has focused on the family -- types, styles, and pathology such as depression and schizophrenia. Many years have been spent studying social groups such as communes and social networks. I have pioneered network therapy and social network intervention, and introduced these concepts to social science professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. "The New Families" and "Family Networks" have been published in French, German, Spanish, and Italian editions. I have done workshops in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Yugoslavia, Italy, and Norway.

2003 "Social Network Intervention" was a chapter in Textbook of Family and Marital Therapy, edited by G. Sholevar and L. Schwoeri, Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatrie Association Press 1998

"Network Therapy", article in Marriage and Family Review. 1987

"L'Intervention en Reseau Social", edited by M.Elkaim, Les Pratiques de Reseau, Paris: Les Editions ESF. 1985

with J. Speck, "Social Network Intervention with Adolescents", Handbook of Adolescents and Family Therapy, edited by M. Mirkin & S. Koman, New York: Gardner Press. 1985

"Social Networks and Family Therapy", Families and Other Systems, edited by J. Schwartzman, New York:Guilford Press. 1984

with J. Speck, "Family Networking in 1980's": A Postscript" article in International Journal of Family Therapy. 1984

"Des Buch der Familientherapie", M. Textor, chapter in Intervention in Soziale Netzwerke. Freiburg: Lambertus. 1979

with J. Speck,"On Networks: Network Therapy, Network Intervention, and Networking" article in International Journal of Family Therapy. 1975

with J. Speck, "The Urban Commune: An Alternative Family Style: Implications for Family Therapists", an article in Family Therapy. 1973

with C. Attneave, Family Networks, New York: Pantheon. 1972

The New Families, New York: Basic Books. 1970

with A. Friedman et al., Therapy with Families of Sexually Acting Out Girls, New York: Springer Publishing Co.

1964 Foreward to English Translation and Bibliograghy of "La Folie à Deux: Ou Folie Communiques", C. Laseque and J. Falret, Annales Medico-Psychologiques, 1877. In supplement to The American Journal of Psychiatry

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

The Union Institute seminars were on transpersonal psychology in 1996 and 1998. These reviewed major theorists on spirituality, religion, and past lives. Reviewing the works of Grof, Wi1ber, Boorstein, and others. In 1994, the Union Institute seminar on "Homelessness" reviewed the history of Mental Illness from the Malleus Maleficarum of the fourteenth century until the present. It also included guest speakers who were experts in AIDS and Homelessness. My co-leader of this seminar was fellow faculty memberLeland Hall, social psychologist. In 1990, I co-convened a Union Institute seminar on dreams trom a transcultural perspective with fellow faculty member Robert McAndrews, anthropologist.

From 1980-1985, I organized a study group named the London Group, which met every couple of months in my horne. It was somewhat similar to the Philadelphia Association founded by Laing in London. We were a social phenomenology study group with a range of speakers and demonstrations on hypnosis, mind control, 'the hippie movement', urban communes, political movements, spirituality, mysticism, etc.

In 1967 I was a major speaker at the Dialectics of Liberation Congress at the Round House in London. It was attended by 5000 antiwar demonstrators and was sponsored by the Institute of Phenomenological Studies, London. The purpose was to demystify human violence in all it's form and to explore new forms of action. The major parts ofthe proceedings were recorded on twenty-three L.P. records. A book "The Dialectics of Liberation" and a sixteen mm film of the same title were also made. Among the long playing records are Gregory Bateson on "Conscious Purpose and Nature", Jules Henry on "Psychological Preparation for War", Herbert Marcuse on "Liberation from the Affluent Society". I spoke on the politics of mini and micro groups.

1965 I chaired and organized a three day conference on "Society and Psychosis" under the auspices ofthe Department ofPsychiatry Hahnemann Medical College. Panelists were Bateson, Laing, Bowen, Henry, Tomkins, and Scheflen. These authors have made many contributions to critiques of societal values, political, and philosophical ideas, the family, and family therapy, and theories of emotions.

Scholarship of Engagement, Service and Social Action

1982 Coeditor with Uri Rueveni and Joan Speck, Therapeutic Intervention: Healing Strategies for Human Systems, New York City: Human Sciences Press. This book brought together alternative systems and support system interventions, health, healing, interventions with the family and with the extended family network, the mental health system and the criminal justice system.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learner Guidance

I am available by phone or at horne for consultation with learners whenever requested. 1998. Went to Zagreb, Croatia with a learner for ten days to help set-up her P.D.E. research on play therapy with emotional trauma due to war. Traveled to Vucovar a wartorn area, visited displaced persons camps, met with Red Cross Leaders, University of Zagreb Psychology Professors, Child Psychiatrists and local Business Organizations. All of which to get indigenous help to do the research project. This was successful.

1960 - Present. I have supervised the clinical work of many psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.


Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Family Sociology and Therapy, Social Networks, Network Therapy, Social Anthropology



Rueveni, U., Speck, R., and Speck, J. Therapeutic Interventions: Healing Strategies for Human Systems (1982)

Speck and Attneave. Family Networks (1973)

Speck et al. The New Families (1972)

Speck, Friedman, et al. Psychotherapy of the Whole Family (1965)

Speck, Friedman, et al. Therapy with Families of Sexually Acting-Out Girls (1970)

Seventy published papers and book chapters

Presentations, Consulting, Workshops

Over one hundred in Canada, U.S., nine European countries, and Venezuela


Ronald Laing and Ross Speck
Society and Psychosis Conference,
under the auspices of the
Hahnemann Medical College
14 & 15 Oct 1966
Ronald Laing and Ross Speck, 1966

A copy of this cv is available for download (PDF) here


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