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Steven Gans

Dr. Steven Gans is a Healing Arts Practitioner, a Philosopher, a Psychoanalyst, a Hypnotherapist and an Executive Coach.

He began his career as an Academic Philosopher receiving his Ph.D. from Penn State University and teaching at a small New England College.

His interest in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophic Practices led him to study Psychoanalysis in London, England under the world famous Existential Psychoanalyst R.D. Laing.

Dr. Gans founded the first MA Program in Humanistic Counseling and Psychotherapy in the U.K. at Antioch University, London. He also founded and directed the University of Maryland's Study in London Program and the London branch of The Institute for Management Studies (IMS).

After completing his Analytic Training he became a Member of Laing's Philadelphia Association, joined it's faculty and training committee and went into private practice.

Dr. Gans has practiced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in London for over 25 years. He has written extensively for academic journals and books on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Healing Practice and Heart Wisdom. His book, co-authored with Dr. Leon Redler, Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy develops and expands the Laingian tradition by emphasizing responsibility, goodness and justice in addition to the power of love and holistic integration to heal.

As a result of his training in Hypnotherapy at The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts Dr.Gans has developed a Psychoanalytic Hypnotherapy to accelerate the healing work and progress of his clients.

Selected Publications

"Remembering Ronnie" (with Steven Gans), Janus Head:The Legacy of R.D. Laing (special issue), 2000

Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy (with Leon Redler), Xlibris, 2001

"Questioning Existential Analysis Today." Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis. Volume 1 (1990)

"What is Ethical Analysis?" Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis. Volume 10.2 - Views Of Heidegger (1999)

"Levinas and Freud: Talmudic Reflections in Ethics and Psychoanalysis" in Facing the Other: The Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas, by Sean Hand (Curzon Press)

"Awakening to Love: R.D. Laing's Phenomenological Therapy." The Psychoanalyitc Review, Guilford Press, Volume 87, No.4 (August 2000)

The Little Book of Goodness, Booklocker, 2003.

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